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      Investigating the Pensacola Shooter

      They are trying to find out if he was "radicalized" on a trip home. There is a second, even more troubling possibility.

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      Linda Ronstadt Injects Nasty, Political Note into KC Honors

      What would it have cost her to just be gracious?

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      Candidate Bloomberg’s Gun Proposals Have a New Twist: They Are Federal

      CDC statistics don’t bear out Bloomberg’s rhetoric.

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      Smashing Jobs Report Has Especially Good News for Women

      Increase in women 25 to 34 getting jobs is partly responsible for better labor force participation numbers.

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      Why Foreign Aid Does More Harm Than Good

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      AOC Peddled Misinformation to Slam New Trump Food Stamp Reform

      Here’s what AOC got wrong about the new food stamp reforms.

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      More on Trump at NATO

      There are worst things in life than being mocked by Justin Trudeau. Some might say it's a bad of honor.

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      A paid parental leave plan conservatives can support

      Via Washington Examiner

      by Kristin A. Shapiro

      This bipartisan plan is a pragmatic approach to supporting parental leave that conservatives can get behind.

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      Why You Need to Call the Federal Government About Your Health Care

      Via Real Clear Policy

      by Hadley Heath

      The administration’s proposed rules would require hospitals and insurers to share real net prices for healthcare services. Such changes could dramatically change how Americans shop for and consume health care, because they’d infuse our system with information, competition, and accountability.

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      A Boon for Lawyers, Not for Kids

      Via City Journal

      by Naomi Schaefer Riley

      The watchdog group Children’s Rights sues for control of Arizona’s child-welfare system.

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      Hong Kongers Give Thanks to America: 'Thank You, President Trump’

      Via PJ Media

      by Claudia Rosett

      As this Thanksgiving Day dawned in America, thousands of people in Hong Kong were holding a mid-evening rally to thank America for supporting the territory's massive democracy movement.

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      Fighting back in the war on adoption

      Via Washington Examiner

      by Naomi Schaefer Riley

      In the packed main hall of the Hubert H. Humphrey building in mid-November, Vice President Mike Pence addressed an enthusiastic crowd. “We are the most pro-adoption administration in history,” he thundered, earning one of several standing ovations.

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      Media Bias Roots for Impeachment ? Fox & Friends Sunday

      Bill on Criminal Insider Trading will Help Market Flourish Naturally ? Making Money

      Kamala Harris Blames Media Bias for Her 2020 Drop Out ? Fox & Friends First


      Why China poses an existential national security threat to America ? Secure Freedom Radio ? Listen >>>

      A Global Response to Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University ? Secure Freedom Radio ? Listen >>>

      Climate Change Shakedown: Whats Happening with ExxonMobil ? Bloomberg Radio ? Listen >>>


      Teen vaping clouds the debate over safer alternatives to smoking

      Via Carolina Journal

      by Julie Gunlock

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      Conservative women matter, too

      Via Valiant News

      by Carrie L. Lukas

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      Republicans and Democrats Offer Rival Plans Regarding the Future of Health Care in America

      Via The Western Journal

      by Hadley Heath

      Republicans and Democrats are offering very different views on what America’s health care system should look like as the country heads into the 2020 election.

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